Pohela Boishakh Saree Picture Collection

Pohela Boishakh Saree Picture Collection

Pohela Boishakh Saree Picture Collection

Pohela Boishakh is the biggest celebration among the every religions of Bengali people from Bangladesh and India. Few people also celebrate this day internationally. Overall, it’s an exciting day for every Bengali.

So in this post we will cover something really interesting, that will give you idea to wear your unique Dress in Pohela boishakh.

Saree is the main wearing in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India.

Here I’m going to show some Saree images to you, so that you can buy that one for your Boishakh Celebration.

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How to Check SSC Result 2019?

How to Check SSC Result 2019?

How to Check SSC Result 2019?

Hei, we’ve written an detailed guide on How to check SSC Result 2019. And in this post I will share the way with you.

Step 1:

First of All, you’ve to visit the Education Board Result website provided by Bangladesh Education ministry. You will find a similar page like below.


Step 2:

In the first three options you’ve to choose your Examination Name. In that case select SSC/Dhakil. Select 2019 as your year and select your board name.


Step 3:

Then put your Roll number, Reg. No and a simple math. And click on submit. You will get your result without any problem in sha Allah.



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Pohela Boishakh and Bengali Expectation

Pohela Boishakh and Bengali Expectation

You know, Pohela Boishakh is a Traditional Day for bengali history.

We’ve few days that we celebrate specially and Pohela Boishakh is one of them. Today is pohela boishakh and the whole begnali nation is busy to celebrate it.

I’m also enjoying enough.

First of all I visited Ramna Botomul and than I started to walk and I joined in Mangal Shuvajatra.

If you’re watching my this article, then you should also join into any kinds of festive.

Beacuse today all of the Bengali nation is free and they’re enjoying too much.

Eating Panta Vat and Ilish Vaja is really great, today morning my wife served a dish for me with our national fish.

That was a great meal and I would love to eat more.

Probably, this day is the most biggest festival day in Bengali life.

Pohela Boishakh in Kolkata

Not only we Bangladeshi celebrate this awesome day but also Kolkata and some other parts of India celebrate this day.

Empire Akbar started this day for all of Indians.

We was Empire for whole India subcontinent.

dress 1

dress 2

Pohela BoiShakh Dresses